Bai-Kakaji Polymers Pvt. Ltd. - Leading Pet Preform, CSD Closure, Alaska Closure & BT Cap manufacturers in India

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A company is not made by just its estates and employees but out of emotions that fuel it throughout the journey. Pramod Mundada the founder and Balkishan Mundada (Guruji) the co-founder of Bai-Kakaji Polymers pvt. ltd. brought this company to life by their exemplary path-showing leadership. They inculcated into the company the essential work culture, comradeship, and compassion- the prerequisites for a world class company in the making. All of which are necessary to provide an environment for efficiency, growth and everything in between. On the footsteps of our founders and mentors walk all our employees to achieve discipline in their lives and perfection in their work.

Enhancing lives and touching the very hearts of people have always been a disposition of our mentors. The employees in Bai-Kakaji pvt. ltd. consequently enjoy good and secure job, social security, can educate their kids and be optimistic about the future, all thanks to our mentors.

With all the hard work and perseverance, our mentors built up the trust and reputation in the market that now make us lead the niche. Our prudent mentors envision a successful future for our company, partners as well as employee.


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